i had id photos taken and i don’t look like horseshit so that’s nice. me: 1 my enemies: 0

this is gonna sound whiny but i feel like i never see fat girls in those little tumblr comics people make. like i get that the slim arms thing is your art style but where’s the love for the chubby chicks

i saw a status that was like ‘i’m looking for 1 girl to accompany me on a camping trip with my friend and his gf’ and it made me think of that guy who went on dates with 10 girls and then he chose his gf

#whitepeopleprobs i went outside yesterday so now i’m covered in freckles

i love when people call feminism a buzzword like yh sure its been buzzing for hundreds of yrs but okay its just a trendy 2013 thing okay alright

i changed my bio now its groovier than ever