i watched the directors cut of g/g/b and i have a couple points to make. first of all it’s pretty unrealistic. i mean you have two girls making out yet they’re still interested in stroking that chicken leg torso? i’m not buying it. secondly, was i the only one begging for him to stop running his hands through his hair? it’s greasy enough without you lathering it up with your man hands. 3/10 if i’m being generous

shoutarokaneda kul5ara I DONT KNOW im trying to find out. i dont even care about him its just funny to watch the aftermath of his bad choices

what have brendon and his inflated sense of self done now

my favourite restaurant has closed down and i’m genuinely sad, it had the best mexican food around. rip


we have three distinct races in this fantasy story: white people, dwarves: who are sort of like… short white people, and elves: slightly taller-than-average white people with pointy ears

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i wish we had yale sales in this country i have loads of cat related stuff i’m sure my neighbour would love

i have a pair of crop jeans that almost go down to my ankles so maybe slightly longer but still cropped jeans are the way to go

where can i buy jeans for short people cause all of my jeans have this really baggy bit around my ankles and it’s not a good look